Magic in Motion
Magic in Motion
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Welcome to Magic in Motion

Let’s put your Magic in Motion!

About Me

Magic in Motion is a community developed by Merry, of Merry U, where college-bound teens can find support, encouragement, and guidance on their journeys through high school and toward the future of their dreams. Magic in Motion members aren't caught up in competition culture. We are committed to building our futures based on who we are and how our unique magic impacts the world around us. 

Why You Should Join Me

We already both have a not-so-secret secret. You are made of Magic. A unique magic all your own. In this space, we find and nurture that magic so you can confidently put it in motion toward the future of your dreams (in college and beyond). The only requirement for membership is that you are a college-bound teen who wants to put competition culture behind and live a life so authentically YOURS, that colleges love you for YOU, not who you think they want you to be. That’s possible. And it’s inside this community. 

A Big Thanks

When you support Merry U and the Magic in Motion Membership, you are committing to spreading the message of positive, peaceful, purposeful prep. No pressure or perfection, all MAGIC. It’s a gift we’ll share with the word for years to come!